CuVo Webinar: Enhancing FAST Platform Retention with Generative AI

With unique insights from industry leaders Mala Ramakrishnan and James Patrick, deepen your understanding of generative AI.

CuVo, a leading player in the tech industry, is thrilled to announce a webinar: 'Driving Retention on FAST Platforms with Generative AI.'

Dive deep into the skyrocketing world of Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) with Mala Ramakrishnan, CuVo's Chief Product Officer, and James Patrick, co-founder of OTT Studio. As FAST channels surge in popularity, they offer a compelling mix of free content financed by ads, providing viewers a new mode of consumption, and taking the broadcasting world by storm.

Despite the high profitability of ad revenue, these platforms face challenges, notably a churn rate as high as 65%. Even giants like Netflix and Disney are diversifying in the FAST landscape, making competition fiercer than ever. Learn how CuVo is paving the way in tackling these issues, offering a comprehensive consumer perspective, and driving engagement through live in-app feedback, ultimately reducing churn.

Join Mala and James as they discuss strategies to increase engagement and tackle churn in the rapidly evolving FAST platforms. With FAST predicted to grow 300% year-on-year, take advantage of this opportunity to understand this new wave of television, its challenges, and its potential for the future of broadcasting.