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Welcome to a transformative era in media and entertainment, marked by the decline of cable and the rise of streaming media providers. This isn't a trend, but a digital revolution accelerated by broadband access and direct-to-consumer (DTC) services from leading networks. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, we invite you to explore the future of entertainment with us. Welcome to the next generation of media—here and now.



CuVo is your trusted partner that guides you through the industry's transition from cable to OTT (Over-the-Top) channels with its unique platform offering a comprehensive view of consumers. 

Our platform enables rapid experimentation and enhancement while addressing high churn rates. Embrace the OTT transition with CuVo's unique insights and innovative solutions.

Use Cases


CuVo smoothly runs on all smart devices, bringing you live feedback from users to customize your OTT services based on what your audience loves. It quickly helps you identify and fix problems while boosting engagement, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.


Connect with us today and discover how CuVo can change your game in customer retention and profitability in the ever-evolving media landscape.


Amidst the rapid transformation of the media and entertainment industry, CuVo emerges as a pivotal platform for both product development and quality assurance. CuVo's application uses real-time user feedback and cohort testing across various devices and languages to improve product usability, enabling businesses to adapt effectively to the digital revolution.

As streaming media supplants traditional cable, the content distribution model transforms, with profitability reliant on churn rate management; explore CuVo's potential and join us in shaping the future of media today.


In the swiftly changing media and entertainment industry, CuVo emerges as a vital tool for anomaly detection, allowing for comprehensive analysis of consumer data trends. Our platform illuminates prominent patterns and potential outliers. 

As the sector pivots from traditional cable to over-the-top (OTT) platforms, a deep understanding of your audience is paramount. CuVo delivers a holistic view of your consumers, fostering rapid experimentation to boost engagement and reduce churn. With CuVo, anomalies become opportunities, driving the revolution in media and entertainment. Explore the full potential of CuVo with us today.

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