Deliver automated quality responses that are intelligent and empathetic. Enable personalization and help bridge the gap between consumers and businesses by providing consumer centric remediation



Act is an innovative product that offers an AI-assisted customer engagement automation to businesses.

With its AI assistance, Act can accurately understand user concerns and provide remediation steps either directly to the customer or to the operations team to driver faster ticket resolutions.


CuVo Act

Predict and automate customer engagement

CuVo gives businesses the ability to predict and remediate customer issues for zero touch issue resolution.

Full service lifecycle management

CuVo automatically resolves simple use cases in real-time and routes complex tasks for the right human assistance.

Remediation and Prediction

CuVo Act predicts customer issues and provides remediation steps to Customer Success Managers for assisting in quick resolutions and faster ticket closures.

Automated Customer Support

CuVo automates responding to the common denominator on requests and in real-time.

Optimize Consumer Engagement

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Explore the platform

Your developers can set up CuVo in minutes, and then product managers can continue to customize CuVo to fit your style. Customer success managers will be able to offload ticket resolution by up to 60%.

Get up and running quickly

  • 2 hours set-up to go-live
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • Role based access control

Regulatory compliance

  • Policy based retention
  • Encryption and data protection
  • Comply with your privacy requirements

Data Management

  • SaaS platform with shared or dedicated tenant 
  • Option of on-prem deployment