Leveraging customer intelligence to power product growth

Mala Ramakrishnan

3 minutes

Customer success and product development are two crucial components of any successful business. Customer success is focused on ensuring that customers have a positive experience with a company's products or services, while product development is responsible for creating those products or services. Bridging the gap between these two teams is essential to ensure that a company can continue to innovate and grow while also meeting the needs of its customers.

The synergy

While there can be some overlap between these two functions, they are generally complementary. Effective product management requires a deep understanding of customer needs and feedback, which can be provided by the customer success team. Similarly, customer success can provide valuable insights into areas where the product can be improved or expanded. Customer success is often an extension of the sales team when a deal closes, in ensuring the customer is satisfied with the product, but can also be instrumental in renewals and up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

The challenge

However, there can be conflicts between customer success and product management if they have different priorities or goals. For example, product management may prioritize developing new features or products, while customer success may prioritize providing high-quality support to existing customers. It's important for both teams to communicate and collaborate effectively to ensure that the company is meeting the needs of its customers while also driving product innovation and growth.

Process breakdown

Customer success teams are the front line of your business, interacting with customers on a daily basis. They have valuable insights into customer needs, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. It is crucial to share this feedback with product development teams so that they can use it to inform product decisions. Today this is done through regular meetings, sharing reports and data, and providing access to customer feedback tools. A lot is lost in translation with the current method of operating - just imagine instead that the product could provide the customer feedback directly to product managers instead.

Fragmented tools

Based on the function within an organization, different tools are used to manage customer information and product data. This creates silos making it difficult to bridge the gap between what the customer wants and what product delivers. For instance, the customer feedback tools used may be SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics, while the product team uses Jira and Trello; the customer success team uses Zendesk and Salesforce, and the customer data resides in MixPanel and Amplitude.

The solution

Just imagine one platform that collects user feedback directly within the product, with screenshots and recordings of the user experience, correlates that with information in all the other tools existing across the organization, and provides priorities to the product team to drive the roadmap.

In today's competitive marketplace, delivering a great product is no longer enough to guarantee customer loyalty. Customers now expect a holistic experience that goes beyond the initial sale and extends throughout their entire lifecycle with your company. This is where customer success comes in - a proactive approach to ensuring that customers are achieving their desired outcomes with your product. CuVo offers a consumer engagement platform that bridges the gap between customer success and product management. It delivers a solution where consumers can directly communicate their requirements in-app through the product itself, right where they are. These responses are collected and correlated across all tools in the organization before it is sent into a product dashboard for feature prioritization.