How do Customers use Cuvo?

Mala Ramakrishnan

2 minutes

CuVo is a consumer engagement platform that can layer on just about any smart device and collect live feedback from users in-app while they engage in an experience. It is poised to not only receive customer feedback at scale, but to correlate that information to detect signals from the noise, and automate responses to audiences to improve engagement. 

With Cuvo, you can reduce churn without increasing customer support costs, and bridge the gap with product development to drive a prioritized roadmap that reflects customer sentiment.

Here are some use cases on how our customers leverage Cuvo:

1. Live feedback in-app

CuVo is used by most of our customers to collect live feedback from their users when they are engaged in an experience. For example, FAST channels are able to collect feedback on viewer experience so they can customize ad preferences or when performance degrades, and they get a large number of requests from viewers, they are able to correlate that to information from video analytics platforms all within Cuvo.


2. Interactive new product or user onboarding

When a new product or feature set is introduced, Cuvo can be used to guide the users to fully onboard the new experience. Additionally when a new user is being onboarded to an existing product, Cuvo can be used to guide the user to successfully start using the product.


3. Automated ticket responses

Cuvo can automatically generate responses to users at scale. It can correlate issues to identify higher level problems and cluster incoming requests based on the problem category. This automatic ticket response and resolution helps our customers scale without increasing customer support headcount or sacrificing customer responsiveness.


4. Augmented support portal

Cuvo is layered on support portals to replace or augment chatbots as it provides much richer contextual information on issues through live screenshots, screen recordings, and voice to text. This increases the actionability of the feedback by 2x.


5. Bridging the gap between customer success and product development

Cuvo can be used to collect feedback from viewers in A/B tests, such as a new product experience. This helps determine choices that are preferred by the user, and to understand feature prioritization based on customer feedback. With Cuvo, you can reduce churn without increasing customer support costs, while bridging the gap between Product Development and Customer Support.

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